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Pulmonary Imaging   
Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis - Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis (2010)
Brett M. Elicker, MD
Cystic Lung Disease (2010)
Cristopher A. Meyer, MD
Imaging the Large Airways (2010)
Jeffrey P. Kanne, MD
Imaging the Small Airways (2010)
Gerald F. Abbott, MD
Radiologic-pathologic Correlation in Lung Cancer (2010)
Maria C. Shiau, MD
Systematic Approach to HRCT for Nonthoracic Radiologists (2010)
Francine L. Jacobson, MD
HRCT Normal Variants and Ageing Lung (2010)
Susan J. Copley, MD
Infection -- Tuberculosis: The Essentials (2010)
Kendra L. Fisher, MD, PhD
Pulmonary Vasculature Imaging
Pulmonary Infarction and Right Heart Dysfunction: Common and Often Unappreciated CT Findings in Patients with PE (2008)
Linda B. Haramati, MD
Pulmonary Hypertension: Update on Pathogenesis and Therapy and What the Pulmonologist Needs from the Radiologist (2008)
Gopal Allada, MD
Imaging of Acute PE: Update (2008)
Lacey Washington, MD
MDCT of Pulmonary AVMS (2008)
Sanjeev Bhalla, MD
MRI of PE (2008)
Warren B. Gefter, MD
Chest Radiograph: How Much Information is There (2007)
Denis H. Carr, MD
Plain Radiography of Obstructive Airway Disease with CT Correlation (2007)
John D. Newell, Jr. MD
Chronic alveolar disease: Often Missed Diagnoses (2007)
Rosita M. Shah, MD
Tracheomalacia: Current Concepts (2008)
Phillip Boiselle, MD
Thoracic Neoplastic Disease
Epidemiology of Lung Cancer (2008)
Michelle S. Ginsberg, MD
Investigation of Suspected Pleural Malignancy (2008)
Susan J. Copley, MD
Problems in Perception of Lung Cancer (2008)
James Reed, MD
2008 Scanlon Symposium – Interstitial Lung Disease
Occupational Lung Disease (2008)
Jeffrey P. Kanne, MD
Back to Basics
Airways Disease: Anatomy-Radiology-Pathology Correlation (2007)
Gerald F. Abbott, MD
Lateral Chest Radiograph: The Forgotten View (2007)
Rakesh D. Shah, MD
Interventional Procedures in the Thorax
VATS: Indications, Technique, Complications, and Role of the Chest CT
and Radiologist
Paul Schipper, MD
Indications for RFA of Lung Tumors (2008)
Jeffrey S. Klein, MD
RFA of the Lung: Complications (2008)
Jo-Anne O. Shepard, MD
HRCT of Diffuse Lung Disease
HRCT-The Borderlands of Normal (2007)
David M. Hansell, MD
Smoking Related ILD (2007)
Jeffery R. Galvin, MD
Pulmonary Physiology
Thoracic Imaging: Advancing from Structure to Function (2007)
Warren B. Gefter, MD
Basic Lung Physiology for the Thoracic Radiologist (2007)
Alexander A. Bankier, MD
Lung Function Tests: How PFT Results Integrate with CT Findings (2007)
Howard Mann, MD
Contrast Dynamics: Physiologic Clues of Cardiopulmonary Status (2007)
Marc V. Gosselin, MD


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